J22 – Schedule


2021 Racing Schedule


Saturday, May 5th: Setup Day and training

Saturday, May 22nd: Races 1-3 noon start

Saturday, May 29th: Makeup Date

Sunday, May 30th: Cannon Race 1


Saturday, June 5th: Races 4-6, noon start

Sunday, June 6th: Cannon Race 2

Saturday, June 12th: Makeup Date

Sunday, June 13th: Cannon Race 3

Saturday, June 19th: Races 7-9, noon start

Sunday, June 20th: Cannon Makeup

Saturday, June 26th: Makeup Date

Sunday, June 27th: Cannon Race 4


Saturday, July 3rd: Races 10-12, noon start

Sunday, July 4th: Martini Races/Great American Cookout

Saturday, July 10th: Makeup Date

Sunday, July 11th: Cannon Makeup

Saturday, July 17th: Makeup Date

Saturday, July 18th: Cannon Race 5

Saturday, July 24th: Makeup Date (BYC to Mac)        

Sunday, July 25th: Cannon or Open Day   


Saturday, August 7th, Slammer Cup

Sunday, August 8th: Cannon Race 6

Thursday, August 12th: National One Design

Friday, August 13th: National One Design

Saturday, August 14th: National One Design

Saturday, August 14th:  Races 13-15, noon start

Sunday, August 15th: Cannon Race 7

Saturday, August 21st: Michigan Championship, Noon start

Sunday, August 22nd: Michigan Championship, 11:00 am start

Saturday, August 28th: Makeup Date

Sunday, August 29th: Cannon Race 8


Saturday, September 4th: Races 16-18, noon start – Venetian night

Sunday, September 5th: Cannon Race 9, End of season Spectacular

Friday, September 10th: Wayfarer Regatta

Saturday, September 11th: Wayfarer Regatta

Sunday, September 12th: Wayfarer Regatta

Saturday, September 18th: Races 19-21, noon start

Saturday, September 25th: Makeup Date