TBYC is accepting applications for new members.  Please contact us if you are interested in joining.

Several levels of membership are offered.  Details of rights, responsibilities, and fees can be found in the TBYC By-Laws and Policies.

Full Membership

Full members enjoy unrestricted use of the clubhouse, docks and grounds.  Full members are eligible to retain a slip in the harbor or dry sail.  They pay an initiation fee and annual dues.  Our full members are required to complete an annual work project and may serve as Directors and Officers on the Board.

Associate Membership

Associate members are welcome to use the ramp and harbor for day use and may store a small boat such as a kayak or Sunfish on racks.  They pay annual dues, but no initiation fee.  Associate members are required to complete an annual work project.

Social Membership

Social members enjoy the use of the bar at the Club and participate in Club social events.   Social members are not required, but welcome to contribute through work projects.

Junior Membership

Junior membership offers new members under the age of 25 to be accepted to the club for full membership and defer payment of the initiation fee until his/her 25th birthday.

Honorary Membership

Honorary membership may be conferred onto members at the recommendation of the Board and approval by the membership.  This category is intended to honor exemplary service and contribution to the club.  TBYC currently has four members in this category.

All new members must be sponsored by two current full members.  If  you have any questions please contact the club secretary for assistance.

2023 TBYC membership application

2023 Dockage Contract

2023 Rate Sheet